Really?  Seriously....CHAZ?  You could get this done for $44.95 at D&D novelties or online at 

But NOOOOOOOOO...He/She has to be fancy.  He/She wants the real thing.  His/her own set of frank n beans.

How do they do this?  Is it synthetic? 

I had a friend in HS that had half his ear cut off in a car wreck.  I remember marveling, at the time, because doctors literally GREW him a new ear on the back of a mouse!!  Could they do this with a penis?

And if so, is it reserved for Creatures like Chaz that wanna do the ole swapperoo?  OR could I potentially get two or three extra ones grown for me.  You know...Maybe put an extra one on my elbow or something?  Never know when you might need it.  I think we've all been there...right?

As entertaining as this story is, it's really just another platform for me to share more pictures of "The Chaz".  Enjoy.