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Video Game Promotion Lets You Shoot Up an Ice Cream Truck [VIDEO]
Twisted Metal is a pretty popular video game franchise in which players get to, in the words of John Candy from SCTV, "blow stuff up real good." Of course, that's just in a video game, right? Well, in honor of the release of the game on PS3, you could actually shoot up an ice cream truck i…
Chaz Bono is Saving Up For His/Her Own Set of Frank-n-Beans!!
Really? Seriously....CHAZ? You could get this done for $44.95 at D&D novelties or online at

But NOOOOOOOOO...He/She has to be fancy. He/She wants the real thing. His/her own set of frank n beans.

How do they do this? Is it synthetic?

I had a friend in HS that had half…