Happy 50th Birthday To The Late Cliff Burton Of Metallica
Today (Feb. 10) would have been the 50th birthday of former Metallica bassist Cliff Burton, had his life not ended far too early. Burton performed on the band’s first three classic studio albums, and his influence is still felt strongly in the worlds of rock, thrash and metal.
Memphis 40+ Years Behind
It seems like every major city in America has an MLK Blvd or Ave or St, right? Ironically Memphis hasn't...until now.

Good, Lawd...It's 2012!!! Despite what happened there in April of 1968, Memphis IS 65% African American. Now I don't care one way or the other, but I was quite sur…
Lisa Bonet (Denise Cosby) Turning 44 ? I Feel Old.
This could have just as easily been an article about how old it makes me feel to see a kid from The Cosby Show turning Forty-Four years old, but it's not. This is purely to draw attention to the HOTNESS that IS Lisa Bonet...and her daughter : )

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