Non-Event?  What does that mean.  Simply...A non-happening.  Just like with the "non-hurricanes" that Victoria always gets over prepared for, a "non-snow storm" pelted the Victoria with "non-snow" this morning.

Do you think that Wal-Mart and HEB managers bribe the local meteorologists to over-hype the possibility of snow to sell water, batteries, blankets, etc.? 

Because a "non-event" can be great for the local economy.  Or at least for the managers responsible for meeting quotas and padding store stats.  They rely on "non-events" to take place in our great city.

It's sad that we got the nasty slush, but none of that 2-4 inches that people were talking about. Because I know people that were driving in from other parts of the state to bring their snow boots to Victoria.  Turns out snow boots are the only kind of boots not accounted for in the ingenious "Bring Your Boots Campaign".

Anyway... for a change, the officials were right about road conditions being bad.  I'll give them that.  And the schools did a pretty good job of assessing the situation before the big "non-event".  Kudos.  Well, at least you won't have to buy bottled waters for a while.

In fact maybe you should save them for the first big "non-hurricane" to come in July.  Hey...Just sayin'.