I Survived the Blizzard of 2017
I survived the blizzard of 2017 and if you're reading this, I assume that you did too.
When I came into the house last night around 11, it was a steady drizzle outside and cold temperatures around 38 degrees. The conditions were right, but I didn't expect to actually see snow on the ground …
Schizophrenic Weather-Welcome to South Texas
I've experienced all kinds of weather in my lifetime. I grew up in Michigan, so I was used to seriously cold winters, blizzards, icy roads, and the like. In my career, I have worked on the Carolina coast (pretty mild year round (but, DAMN YOU, HURRICANES...
Wow, Such Weather!
Want to know what the current weather conditions are, and you love dogs and humorous internet memes? Well, then you want to check out Such Weather! You can thank me later.
School Closing for Friday January 24th
The following schools/school districts have announced:
• Austwell ISD announced a delayed start for schools on Friday because of the inclement weather.
•  Bloomington ISD announced a delayed start for school Friday. Classes begin at 10 a...
Tropical Storm Karen No Threat to South Texas
At 8 a.m. EST Thursday, the National Hurricane Center issued hurricane and tropical storm watches for the northern Gulf Coast, as tropical storm Karen gains strength in the southern part of the Gulf of Mexico. According to projections below, the storm will not affect the Crossroads.
Nasty Weather Wreaking Havoc All Over the Country
A particularly harsh, and large, spate of weather has been pummeling much of the Eastern half of the country, with recent incidents affecting residents as far north as Wisconsin and Michigan and all the way down to Georgia and Alabama, even stretching westward into Texas.
Oh, for Pete’s Sake, Just Use the Bigger One!
I grew up in an are that gets a lot of snow, so I can definitely relate to what these guys have to deal with in the winter time. Thank God we don't have to worry about it here in south Texas. Of course, back in my day, all we had was a snow shovel to use. A plow would have been great, but this …

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