Rip was Ripped – Classic Mugshot Revisited!
"If you want to have a dodge ball victory, you've got to grab it by it's haunches and hump it into submission".

"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball".

Great quotes from one of my favorite actors...Rip Torn. One of the greatest names in Hollywood too! H…
World’s Ugliest Dog Winner Falls Off Stage [VIDEO]
When a Chihuahua named Yoda took the stage, she was just the latest pup to win the title of World’s Ugliest Dog. But when she accidentally fell off, she tumbled headlong into an elite class of celebrity — those who have been caught on video taking a spill on stage, in…
Murder Plot : Swords?? Really??
If some D-bad photographer slides under the stall door while Britney Spears is dropping a deuce...tough. She made $30 million last year, making people want to slide under the stall door.

Don't come crying to me.

Floor plans and diagrams of a celebrity's house is a bold new step in this …