Holy crap...he's/she's as hideous of a man as he/she was a woman.  Chaz mother scratchin' Bono.

Dancing with the stars?  Really?  Who thought this was a good idea?  ABC is already taking backlash for inviting "Chaz" Bono to compete on the show.  How far will it go though?

In my opinion, this show is a piece of garbage anyway.  Just an opinion, I know. 

 But here's my biggest problem: IF I did want to watch celebrities dance (which I don't), I would be slightly irritated that "Chaz" Bono was being added to the cast.  This wouldn't irritate me because he/she's not good to look at (which he/she is not), it would irritate me because he/she isn't a celebrity.

He/She is the daughter/son of a celebrity couple.  Nothing more.  He/She has undergone some kind of sex change that has made him/her a target for public media scrutiny.  That's it.

He/She will be dancing with a female partner.  At least the stage has been re-enforced to support Kirstie Ally, so they're prepared that way

I think he/she would make a fantastic defensive tackle in the NFL with the right kind of coaching.  Maybe a turn on DWS will lead to something like that. 

Here's a video of the announcement.