Is Nic Cage a vampire?  That's a weird question, I know.  But seriously, is Nic Cage a vampire?

Normally a story like this would be reserved for the typical, yellowish papered tabloids at the grocery store.  But a story this "out there" has found it's home in the perfect time.  A vampire crazy bunch, we are.  Just look at the most popular movies, books and TV shows.  Vampires - Everywhere.

Nic Cage might just be one.  According to an antiques collector that has stumbled upon a civil war era picture of a man that looks eerily like the actor.  And I do mean, EERILY like him.

This guy claims that Nic Cage is "Un-Dead" and reinvents himself every Seventy-Five years or so.

Uhmmm...ok.  Why Not, right?

I will admit that the guy has himself a photo of, at the very least, a civil war era Nic Cage look-alike.

What do you think?  Feel free to comment.