10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vampires
Everyone knows that vampires suck … your blood!!!! Seriously though, do you know the history behind modern vampire lore? These creatures of the night have been lurking around for a very long time, although the princes and princesses of darkness have taken on different guises and mythologies t…
Dracula’s Getting Pretty Lazy These Days
At first glance, it looks like nothing interesting. Just a parking lot filled with dirty old cars that shiould probably head to a junkyard. But look closer…closer… okay, enough! See it?
Looks like Dracula is getting lazy. That, or perhaps he’s just sick and tired of murd…
Federal Appeals Court to Texas Prisoner: No Blood for You!
A federal appeals court has rejected a lawsuit as 'frivolous', filed by a Texas inmate who said he was being barred from practicing his religion, which is related to vampires. The 2-yr old suit was filed by inmate Courtney Royal against around 12 Texas prison administrators and officials a…
Is Nicholas Cage a Vampire???
Nic Cage might just be one. According to an antiques collector that has stumbled upon a civil war era picture of a man that looks eerily like the actor. And I do mean, EERILY like him.