Lenny Dykstra, a former Major League Baseball All-Star, was once a childhood hero of mine.  He was gritty.  Old school.  A Ty Cobb-ish throw back.

Now, a man who was once nicknamed "Nails" for his toughness, will be called..."Harley's Douche Bag of the Day". 

I was quite surprised last year, when I heard he was bankrupt and being sued by his ex-wife and even his own brother, among others.  He started a men's Leisure magazine (a D-Bag Mag) that went belly up and investors lost a couple million buck on it all.

Then I was surprised to learn that Charlie Sheen is actually one of his very best friends!  As much as I love ole Chuck, that speaks volumes about ole "Nails" Dykstra.

Then comes the National story of him paying a prostitute with a $1,000 check that bounced.

And now there's this story of him placing ads on Craigslist for a personal assistant, that many young women responded to.  But when they showed up for the "interview", he would expose himself.  Officials say that he pulled the stunt at least six times.

Wow.  He's truly earned the D-Bag of the Day Status.

I've linked the TMZ story here.