This seems a little creepy to me.  According to recent statistic released by , Justin Bieber was the most searched celebrity on the internet.

The reason it's creepy, is that ALL others in the top ten are Chicks, that are considered to be sexy, in one way or another.

Meaning that most of them were probably searched by creepy guys to see pics of the hotness.  Then there's Bieber. 

Justin Bieber is pretty effeminate, ya know?  That's one way of looking at it anyway.  On the flip side, maybe he's a really tough, BUTCH, lesbian.  Sissy Boy...or...Butch Girl?  You make the call.

Here's the whole list of the Top Ten most searched for celebrities.

1)   Justin Bieber

2)   Kim Kardashian

3)   Jennifer Anniston

4)   Lindsay Lohan

5)   Jennifer Lopez

6)   Britney spears

7)   Katy perry

8)   Megan fox

9)   Lady GaGa

10)  Miley Cyrus