10 Celebrities Who Were Once Strippers
There are a number of celebrities—good looking ones too—who, in the past, have performed on stage for a different profession than which they are currently employed. Exotic dancers, strippers, burlesque dancers, whatever you want to call them, these girls have done it, and have probabl…
12 Perfectly-Timed Celebrity Photobombs
It takes a certain breed of human (or animal for that matter) to perfect the almighty photobomb. The creepy expression, the ideal timing-- it takes a lot of talent. Some jokesters can spend years practicing these techniques, but others are just naturals (like babies). So who's the most recent a…
Creepy Statistic on Most Searched Celebrities
This seems a little creepy to me. According to recent statistic released by www.bing.com , Justin Bieber was the most searched celebrity on the internet.

The reason it's creepy, is that ALL others in the top ten are Chicks, that are considered to be sexy, in one way or another.

Meaning that …
Celebrities As ‘Little People’ [PICTURES]
Every once in a while something on the internet will amaze us. It can be a well written article, a YouTube clip or even an animated gif. Rarely does a Photoshop job ever make us step back and say “that’s something we’ll never forget.”
Can Betty White Really Be Trusted?
Who would've thought that Betty White, after all these years, would make such a come back? I guess just being alive, at her age, is enough for people to trust and respect her.

Betty White topped a recent Ipsos poll on the most popular and trusted celebrities. But who else is on the list? …