An Exhibition Dedicated to Toilets? Why Shouldn’t There Be?
Indoor plumbing is certainly one of the most important advances in modern civilization. So much so in fact, that Tokyo's Science Museum has decided that it was important enough to have an entire exhibit dedicated to the commode, the throne, the porcelain God or any other name you may have for i…
Steel Panther and Ninja Sex Party Answer Science Questions
Steel Panther is tearing it up with their new album 'All You Can Eat', up to their usual debauchery on the road, and in fact they were just in Houston over the weekend.
Despite their busy schedules, they still managed to get together with special guests Ninja Sex Party to answer some burnin…
First Ad for Marijuana Set to Air on National TV
Medical marijuana has been a thing for quite a while, and now some states are even opting for the legalization of weed for recreational use. With that in mind, it was only a matter of time before an ad for medical marijuana was produced. Check it out below.
Bad News if you Thought the “HUVr” Board Campaign Was Legit
Sorry to burst your high-flying dreams, but Funny or Die is behind HUVr, the mysterious tech company claiming to have invented the first hoverboard.
The truth behind this massive viral campaign came out after a costume designer who worked on the shoot posted the experience on her online resume, which…

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