Ok, here's a new one. And I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.

Drunk chicks = Fun. Hey, just sayin'. There's my disclaimer.

Chicks who care about their bodies = Hot chicks. Duh.

Drunk chicks that care about their bodies...Fun and Hot.  Right?

Well, it can be taken too far.  Like to the point of a new disorder.  I suppose I should say it's an "alleged disorder", because I'm not fully convinced it's anything more than a character flaw. 

A "drunk-orexic" is someone who skips meals so they can spend more calories on alcohol. According to an article in O magazine, it's not an official disorder, but it's a growing problem with young women who are watching their weight.

Experts say they see a lot of young women who drink too much and then eat very little so they don't gain weight.

Of course, "drunkorexia" can have serious consequences: Drinking too much and not eating causes malnutrition, can harm internal organs, and even make your bones weak. And then there's the risk of blacking out and ending up in all kinds of dangerous situations.

oh, yeah.  Giggidy, Giggidy.