Florida. Lots of sunshine. Plenty of outdoor activities. A great place for kids to grow up. As parents, we naturally want our kids to get plenty of exercise, right? When I grew up, we were basically outdoors every single day until dinnertime. Now, imagine living in a neighborhood that wants to restrict kids from playing outside. Wait, what?!?Yep, true story. Residents of a subdivision in Edgewater, Fla. neighborhood called Persimmon Place say the homeowners association  is looking into passing a measure that would  keep kids from playing outside without adult supervision. The ban would include skateboarding, using loud toys, and even playing games like tag. Penalties would amount to a $100 fine. According to a report from Orlando TV station WFTV, parents are outraged at the idea. One woman called it "just a bunch of old ladies on a power trip."

Wow, that's just crazy.

Now, you kids get off of my blog!