FloridaMan Is the Best Fake Twitter Account Ever
There's something special about Florida. Not the Keys or the Everglades. Really it's the propensity for weird news that gets us. Strange things are always happening down there. If you're familiar with the bizarre state, @_FloridaMan on Twitter will delight you.
Electronic Cigarettes : Exploding Danger?
One of the biggest advantages of "smoking" an Electronic cigarette, is that it's supposed to be safer than a "real" cigarette. Right?

Well, I know of a guy in Florida that would tell you they're NOT safer at all. He would tell you, that is, if his two front teeth and…
Man Without Pants is Not a Band Name
I've been in radio for quite some time, and let me tell you this industry attracts some, shall we say 'quirky' individuals. Keep in mind, most of us couldn't hold down a 'real' job, and that's why we're here. So when I read the story about a radio guy in Florida being arrested for lewd and lasciviou…

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