Jewelry Stores.   Greeting Card Companies.  Florists.  Wine Brokers.  Overpriced Restaurants.  That's who benefits from Valentine's day.  I guess hijacking Christmas wasn't enough. 

So they invented a holiday.  

A holiday that is strategically placed in a part of the year where people are just starting to financially recover from Christmas.  I don't mean to sound jaded and cynical, but it's the truth... and you know this. 

My cynicism doesn't stop my wife and I from celebrating and enjoying this made up holiday though.  In fact, we met on Valentine's day.  So it's a very important date to us anyway.  We don't go crazy though, buying each other expensive gifts.  It's more of a day of remembrance for us. 

A day to pause and remember how our relationship came into existance in the first place.  This year makes number TEN!!!  We will celebrate it the same way we always do.  We'll return the very site where we met all those years ago and re-enact the way it all went down. 

So, we'll take separate cars over to the county land fill.  The dump.  I'll go dig around for spare electronics parts.  She'll sit in a shady spot and shoot at rats with her beebee gun and "accidentally" shoot me in the ear.  Then we'll share a bottle of Orange Jubilee flavored Mad Dog 20/20 . 

This is always a good start to the evening, before we head back to my place and watch a Ron Jeremy flick.  Exactly like it happened the night we met.  I look back now and remember knowing even then, that she was different than the other girls I had brought home from the land fill.  I was right.

The moral here is...Who needs expensive jewelry, roses and corny greeting cards, when you have true love.  And Mad Dog 20/20.   Happy Valentine's day.