Tuesday isn't cool.  It's the day of the week equivalent to the color Maroon.  But here goes anyway.  A few nuggets to get you excited.

Charlie Sheen has proclaimed himself a God.  Not only is he Richie Rich with Coke and Pornstars, but he's also crazy.  Really, really crazy.  Not cool.

A new study shows that drinking diet soda can increase your chance of stroke by 50%... not cool.  I wonder if "Coke Zero" only increases your risk by 25%???  If so, they should say that in their advertisements.  Seems like a strong selling point to me.  "This not only tastes more like real Coke, but it also only increases my chance of having a stroke by 25%"  I'm in.  I can be skinny and may NOT have a stroke.  They should also get Billy Squier's "The Stroke" for their commercials.  Not cool.

Happy birthday to actress Catherine Bach who turns 57 today. For anyone who wasn't a hormone-raging boy in the early '80s, she's the actress who played the iconic Daisy Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard.   God bless her shorts and what they've done for society. 

Question of the day:  Why do old people stink?  The man in this photo will soon have old man stink.