How Do These People Have Time For THIS Crap?
I've said it before. I don't have time for TV. Don't have time for video games. For Pete's sake, I barely have time to take a dump. Sad but true. So I find it hard to believe that ANYONE could possibly have so little to do, that they can participate in something this asinine. …
The Dumbest Thing I’ve Heard in Some Time
Brace yourself for this. There is a group of guys that is suing "Playboy" for gender discrimination. When I first read the headline on TMZ, I assumed that they wanted to pose for the magazine or something. But no...even worse.

Stupid Criminal. I Mean, Really Stupid.
Bruce Manlove.

I repeat, Bruce Manlove.

Think this guy is gonna have some trouble doing hard time with a name like that? The clerk that was robbed was lucky he didn't get "Sea-Bassed" in the men's room. Read below.