The Dumbest Thing I’ve Heard in Some Time
Brace yourself for this. There is a group of guys that is suing "Playboy" for gender discrimination. When I first read the headline on TMZ, I assumed that they wanted to pose for the magazine or something. But no...even worse.

Harmful Bacteria Found at Playboy Mansion
The headline probably leads one to believe that I'm setting up a Paris Hilton or Tommy Lee Joke.  Not so fast.  I'm classier than that.  I'm better than that.  Have a little faith.
Ok, I guess the picture is a little misleading.  But who better to represent a h…
Charlie Sheen Won’t Apologize
Good for him.  I'm with Chuck.  I know some of you might wonder how anyone could be on the side of a guy that appears as screwed up as Charlie Sheen.   Here's my point :  Charlie Sheen is honest.

His honesty is truly refreshing.  Instead of pretending he's sorry for the suitcases full of cocaine, the…