The headline probably leads one to believe that I'm setting up a Paris Hilton or Tommy Lee Joke.  Not so fast.  I'm classier than that.  I'm better than that.  Have a little faith.

Ok, I guess the picture is a little misleading.  But who better to represent a harmful bacteria story than Tommy Lee?  I've heard that you can get hepatitis just by walking past Motley Crue's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  And whatever you do, don't look at it.  You ever heard of "Eye Herpes"?  No?  Me either.  It wouldn't surprise me if there was such a thing though.  And if anybody can give it to ya...It's him.

My point is : There really has been a terrible outbreak of harmful bacteria in the Playboy Mansion.   Public Health Officials suspect "legionnaires' disease".   Wow.  That sounds worse than  "The Eye Herp"".  170 people fell ill after attending a fundraising party there between February 1st and 3rd. 

Fact about "Legionnaires' Disease" :  The name came about, in 1976, after attendees of an American Legion convention in Philadelphia became sick with this particular bacteria and developed pnemonia.