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Research suggests that "Parked Rage"  is now widespread to the point of rivaling "Road Rage".  They're actually very similar.  The only real difference is that the "rage" takes palce in a parked care, as opposed to one that is moving.  Have you experienced "Parked Rage" ?  Have you been a victim of it? 

Just Yesterday while meeting up with my wife, to trade out cars, I was almost sucked into a "parked rage" type of incident.  My wife had a doctor's appointment and no babysitter.  So she scheduled the appt. so that I could meet up and trade cars with her.  I would be inheriting the car with three children in the backseat and driving it back to Cuero.  As we were making the car exchange, we chatted for a moment and got the kids situated.  Well, evidently I had parked in a "reserved for Dr." parking space.  We were'nt paying attention, but while we were talking, a Dr. blocked us in with his new Lexus.  He just slipped up behind us, after we had been there somewhere between 1 and 5 minutes and parked right behind me. 
So let's see here.  Here's an educated man.  A man of means.  A man that routinely must find ways to be empathetic and compassionite towards others...Blocking me in.  
I turn and see the man walking in towards the building.  My wife loudly says, "Thanks, Dude!!".  Only then does he come back and say, "Oh...Nobody said anything when I was parking".  Brilliant.    I came very close to doing the strut up and down his spine.  Which would have been okay, because the pain specialist was one office over.  
This is how "parked rage" can start.  Lucky for all involved, he moved his vehicle.  But somebody else might not.  Just take a look at the picture I've inserted in this blog.  This pic was taken after a  small war of some kind broke out in a parking lot.  One minute someone is upset about not being able to fully open their car door  because somebody parked too close to them.  The next thing you know, weapons are drawn and flags are raised in the parking lot.  This pic was taken at the Cracker Barrel store on Sam Houston.  It happens everyday. 
Point is...Don't be a jerk.  And the chances are you won't be just a statistic.