That salsa must have some punch.

An Oklahoma police station had a minor bomb scare this week after a man turned in a "suspicious package." It turned out to be a burrito.

The Oklahoma City resident found a thermos container in his backyard around 1 p.m. There was foil sticking out of the top, and the man was unsure of what was inside, so he decided to drive it over to a local police station to be safe.

After he relayed the story to police, officers instructed him to leave the package outside as a precaution. A police bomb squad X-rayed the item but soon discovered that the container did not contain an explosive device -- just a delicious snack.

It's not immediately clear how the burrito came to be on the resident's lawn, or why it was in a thermos, but Oklahoma City police are none too thrilled that the man brought it into the station.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time a burrito has been involved in a bomb scare. Earlier this year, a New Mexico man was arrested after he called the FBI's Public Access number and made a threat involving an explosive burrito.