A 56 yr old Washington State man is in hot water, after crashing his car into a condominium this week, and believe me, he can really use the hot water, along with a lot of soap, since he doused himself with human waste and hid in a portable toilet.Police say Gordon Flavia did a lot of damage.

Flavia got into his Jeep at his condominium building, threw it into reverse and floored it at a high rate of speed. He drove backwards into the carports for the condominiums next door at 1320 River Road, where he knocked down a large support beam for the roof and punched his Jeep through a wall, coming to rest in a bathroom.

Both the Jeep and the carport were totalled, and Flavia fled on foot. Authorities say he came to a portable toilet, where he was hiding when he was found.

We didn't know exactly what it was ... but it smelled bad.

Flavia told officers he'd splashed himself with the contents of a bucket outside a portable toilet

because he thought the dogs were coming, and he was trying to throw off the scent.

Police went on to say,

it looks like alcohol was involved.

No, really? Why would they think that?