Make an ass of me, huh?  Somebody's gotta pay!!!  In the name of all things holy, this is a terrible story.  Put your self in their shoes and feel their pain.  You'd be screaming, "SOMEBODY'S GOTTA PAY!!!" 

A couple in Colorado woke up and read the paper one Saturday morning, just like always.  Only there was something different about this paper.  This paper's lottery numbers, matched the ticket they had purchased the day before.



Sure.  For a little while.   Check out the story below.

Awful, right? 

I'm not a big lawsuit guy.  But in this case, if it were the Victoria Advocate, I'd be suing the crap out of them.  Pain and Suffering?  Absolutely.  Seriously...Somebody's gotta pay. Good thing the victoria Advocate never makes mistakes.