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Louisville Player Kevin Ware Breaks Leg During Win Over Duke.
As Kevin Ware lay in front of the Louisville bench screaming in anguish after breaking his leg in gruesome fashion during Sunday's game against Duke, one glance at the reaction of his teammates demonstrated how close the Cardinals are.
The four other Louisville players on the court crumpled to the gr…
Hilariously Immature World City Names…..You’re Welcome.
Here's some straight stupidity for you. A geographer has built an interactive online map of some of the most...questionably named places on the planet. If you ever wondered how to get to Shag Island, Indiana, or Balls Cross, UK, or perhaps Wet Beaver Creek, Arizona, by gosh this is the map for …
8 Things the Pope Can Do Now That He’s Retired
Retirement can be a strange transition. What to do with the sudden influx of free time? Most people use the time to travel, to jump more fully into their hobbies and passions, or perhaps to start new careers they’ve always been curious about but never had the guts or the freedom to try.
Pope Benedict…

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