The online auction juggernaut Ebay was recently hacked. And by recently, I mean sometime between late February and early March according to Ebay spokespeople.

Someone was able to gain access to encrypted passwords but luckily, everyone's financial information (credit cards, bank account info etc) is stored on another server that was untouched.

Basically, what this means is that Ebay wants everyone to change their passwords. According to Ebay, there have been no unauthorized usage of anyone's account as of yet but they feel it's better to be safe than sorry by changing your password anyway.

More bad news is that Ebay also owns PayPal which, although untouched, is also urging members to change their passwords as well to avoid any potential breach of their account.

As advanced as online security has gotten over the last decade, there's always gotta be 1 asshole that ruins it for the rest of us.

Change your passwords folks!