In true Kim Jong Un fashion, North Korea has resulted to throwing personal insults to prominent politicians from rival countries. This time targeting U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry by calling him a "Wolf" with "A hideous lantern jaw". Now, I'm not saying they're wrong...his jaw is pretty out there. But, I would have personally used something better. Lurch perhaps? Or Frankenstein? Either way North Korea has a serious case of OCS (Only Child Syndrome) and classically acts out by name calling to get attention. Remember, these are the same people who wanted to say "HI" to the Pope by launching rockets into the ocean.

So, Kim Jong Un, you pudgy dumpling faced bastard, instead of making fun of people's appearance to get them to take you seriously (and trust me, nobody does) how about you attend a summit every once in awhile? Get yourself out there....mingle...see how the world really works. Then maybe, just maybe, somebody will wave back one of these days.

Couldn't hurt.