Tomorrow is April Fools Day.  Was it just way across the line that I tried to get an early jump on things and started the pranks today?  I ask this because it sure seemed that every body I played a joke on today, just couldn't muster up any humor.  I mean, really folks, quit taking yourself so seriously. 

It started out peaceful enough though.  My neighbor, ole Mrs. McCormick, is an elderly widow.  I've heard for a long time now that she is very superstitious and is very afraid of Black cats.  So I killed two birds with one stone!! 

First, I dressed up in a black cat costume.  I figured it would be kind of funny.  But I also brought along my lawn mower to take care of her high grass too.  I thought that it might also help cure her fear of Black Cats if she saw one doing something nice for her.  Instead...She had a heart attack. 

Then I put a strong, tasteless and odorless laxative in the office coffee pot.  The ole laxative in the company brew gag!!  Genius!!  Then I proceeded to remove all of the toilet paper from the office bathrooms and even clogged up the toilets with paper towels, so they wouldn't flush and retain water.  Evil...But genius!!

I figured my co-workers would be in hysterics with laughter.  But instead, half the people got sent home early and  two of them ended up in the hospital!!

And right at the peak of lunch time, I ran into Chili's and started yelling "Tornado coming! Tornado coming!!"  Everybody got under the tables.  Good times!!  HILARIOUS!!!!  Then I just told them "The Day before April Fools!!

I am at the post office right now with a box containing a live rattle snake, to send my grandad by tomorrow.  TOO FUNNY!!!!