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Labor Day 2021

A well-deserved Labor Day is on the brink for all of our hard-working people who break their backs and strain their eyes day in and day out. The past year has been one for the books and all of America can use the extra day off that has been dedicated to them. From COVID-19, to riots, to protests it’s time we took time to relax and recoup. Shout out to all of our healthcare workers and first responders who are always there for everyone.

The beautiful country we live in wouldn’t be possible without the hard-working business owners and hungry entrepreneurs who aim to make our lives a little bit better. Enjoy the list of places you might enjoy during your long Labor Day weekend!

San Marcos

Home to the beautiful Comal and Blanco River, these rivers can be an awesome chance to cast a few reels and grill on the banks of the river with family and friends. The gorgeous rivers and parks of San Marcos are well taken care of by city parks and rec but also by the people who visit and dispose of their trash properly. So, get on out to San Marcos and enjoy your hot Labor Day weekend in some water. Shoutout to all my fellow hardworking Bobcats!

Photo courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife on Youtube


What’s more patriotic than getting out to your state's capital and visiting the buildings where the people in our government work every day. Seeing the statues of past government officials and being able to read about them might teach you something you didn’t know. While in Austin don’t forget to visit the new soccer stadium that will be hosting U.S.A and Mexico. Shoutout to all the hardworking government officials!


New Braunsfels

Imagine It’s a three-day weekend and it's 90 degrees out, who wouldn’t want to go to Schlitterbahn and maybe even float the river all in the same weekend. On top of all that, the FIREWORKS at the waterpark are unbeatable! So, keep New Braunsfels on your mind for Labor Day. Shoutout to all the hard-working and foreign-owned companies!

Tuberides Youtube


To all the people 9-5ers the perfect place almost better than the breakroom is a trip to Six Flags. What ride do you recommend and what rides will you never get on for whatever reason lets us know on our station app. Shoutout to the backbone of our country, enjoy your Labor Day!

Sharon Parker, Six Flags Entertainment Corporation

San Antonio

Visiting the San Antonio River Walk at least once during Labor Day is a must. San Antonio hosts an annual parade on the River Walk with fireworks from Hemisphere Plaza downtown. Truly a sight to see, especially with how the fireworks look above the skyscape of a well-lit city. If you go, don’t forget to grab a gordita for me, Extra hot sauce, please. To all the people who serve the tourists all day every day, shoutout to you!

Richard McMillin

South Padre Island

SPI if you are over the age of 18 South Padre Island will be a blast. From riding go-karts on sketchy wooden platforms to riding on the banana ride in the gulf, SPI is always a blast. If you're not scared of heights don't forget about parasailing while you are there!  Lastly,  the firework show from Claytons Beach Bar is a show to record!  Another tourist attraction! Shoutout to all of the hospitality workers!


Visiting Galveston and their beach during your extended weekend may be fun, especially if you make a trip to the Kemah Boardwalk and ride some rides. Don’t be shy, buy the overpriced corn dog and dip it in too much ketchup!

Getty Images


Shoutout to all my hardworking athletes and coaches! Kick your feet up and watch some Astros baseball! What’s more American than going to the ballpark and buying some hotdogs and some ice cream? Don’t forget that win or lose, the Astros put on the best firework display every Friday night. It's a must-see fireworks show at the end of the game, so stay seated and enjoy!

Getty Images

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is home to the infamous U.S.S. Lexington, filled with cool facts and history, the U.S.S. Lexington was an actual battleship used during the Second World War. Watching the fireworks from the beach over the red, white, and blue-lit bridge will be quite a sight to see. Salute to all the men and women who are serving and don’t get the day off overseas. We love you!

Port O’Connor

Get on down to Port O’Connor and schedule some time on the water with a local guide or enjoy the local boutiques and the simple beach life. Small business owners enjoy their day off. Shout to all entrepreneurs!


Hurricane Alley

To all the people still reading, let us know on our station app; where you work, how many hours you work, and what you love MOST about your job for a chance to WIN two tickets to Hurricane Alley Waterpark in Corpus Christi!!!

T-L Hurricane Alley T-R Splashway B-L J.Padierna.TSM B-R Schlitterbahn Media

Shout out to intern Joseph Lozano for this great article with Labor Day vacation ideas just in time to plan your weekend through Labor Day, Monday, September 6th!

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