GenTX Decision Day
As we near the end of another school year, graduating high school students are faced with some big life decisions, like whether or not to go on to college. That's where the GenTX Decision Day comes in. This statewide initiative aims at encouraging students to do just that by creating a culture …
Victoria College Extends Battle of the Bands Entry Deadline
Battle of the Bands competitions are always fun. It's a great opportunity to see what kind of talent there is in the community.
There's one coming up at Victoria College next month, and the deadline for entries has been extended.
The event is being put on by the VC Student Government Associa…
VISD/VC Partnership Lowers Cost for Dual Credit Courses
Beginning this Fall, VISD high school student who want to take dual credit courses at Victoria College won't have to spend as much money.
Thanks to a partnership between the VISD Education Foundation and the VC Foundation, an in-county 3-credit hour class that would cost $264 dollars, will now c…
GenTX To Host ‘Way To Pay Day’ for Future College Students
Attending college is pretty important for students graduating high school but, as any parent knows, paying for it can be too much to afford for some families. Sure, there are grants and scholarships, but those can be limiting and hard to get and, how do you even apply, and what options are there...
VC President Dr. Tom Butler Resigns
Victoria College President Dr. Tom Butler announced his retirement Tuesday, according to a Victoria College news release. Butler has served as president of Victoria College since Sept. 2008 and will continue in this role through the end of August.