Here’s Some Texas Humor for Y’all's like a whole other country. Having lived here for over 20 years now, I can attest to that. We have our own sense of humor, too. I ran across this video the other day and I got a kick out of it, so I thought I'd share. It's a collection of pictures and memes that we can al…
CharlieMac Sunday Drink Specials
We all want to have a good time, and we all want to have a safe and fun good time. Well, invite your friends and family over and show off your newly acquired bartender skills with this recipe.
Stay Sober (original source)
1 Part Apple Juice
1 Part Cranberry Juice
Ginger Beer
How To:
Saturday CharlieMac Drink Specials
Ever get the feeling of "I need a drink; Nothing fancy, but definitely flavorful" and not sure how to fulfill that desire? Well, here is a recipe that has flavor and isn't all that fancy.
LAPD Night Shift Cocktail (original source)
1 part grenadine syrup
1 part&n…
Are You Way Too Proud of Texas? [VIDEO]
We were having an informal discussion at the water cooler the other day about the great state of Texas. Somehow, we ended up remembering those old Bud Light commercials 'Real Men of Genius', one of which fit right in with our conversation...
Gee, I Wonder Who Got Into the Garbage? [VIDEO]
You gotta love it when your dog has done something they weren't supposed to, and they know it. They give you that guilty look that says I'm sorry, you know the look, the one with the shifty eyebrow routine. Stop that right now! Check out this hilariously guilty dog.

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