Is that embarrassing, or what? I mean what are you going to say to your cell mates, "yeah, I was chased down by a cop on a golf cart?! " That's the way it goes for 25 yr old Jeremiah Ellarius Haynes, who was running from police in Florida.  Haynes, who was wanted on battery charges, led police on a 1.8 mile chase before he was caught.Police responded to a domestic battery call in Lehigh Acres, when the suspect took off on foot. Lee County Sheriff's Deputy Richard Williamson chased Haynes to a nearby gated community, where a resident at the gate loaned the deputy a golf cart. When the deputy finally caught up to the suspect, he tased him , when the man tried to escape again.

My question is, exactly how slow must this guy have been to be run down by a golf cart? Granted I'm not a golfer, but I don't think they can travel very fast.

I imagine the incident happening kind of like a scene from Paul Blart Mall Cop.