After 10 years of success, the band that brought us tunes like "Control", "Blurry", and "She Hates Me", will give us their versions of classic rock songs on their next album. "re: (disc) covered" will be the band's 5th album, and they had a lot of fun making it.

“This record was a lot of fun to make,” commented lead guitarist Paul Phillips.  “They were all songs and bands that we have been a fan or fans of forever.  When choosing these songs, we really looked for ones that were both inspiring and challenging.  We chose some that may be unexpected to some just so we could push the Puddle envelope a bit.  We really wanted to stretch our legs on this one.  It gave a chance to try some things that we have never really done on our records.”

Lead singer Wes Scantlin elaborated on what the songs meant to him personally.

"For me, it was very important that I could identify with all of them lyrically.  A lot of them really struck a nerve.  Old Man by Neil Young and Rocket Man by Elton John definitely hit close to home.  As I've become an adult, I've realized that I have become my old man.  I seem to have inherited the same traits as him, whether they are good or bad.  I've been listening to that one forever and now I'm living it.  As for Rocket Man, I feel it is a beautiful metaphor for living life on the road.  We are spacemen so to speak.  No one knows what it's like out on the road.  The fame, travelling, fans, etc...It's like outer space to most until you've lived it.”

Judging by the track listing, the album has a lot of potential. Check it out:

1.     Gimmie Shelter

2.     Old Man

3.     T.N.T.

4.     Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around

5.     The Joker

6.     Everybody Wants You

7.     Rocket Man

8.     All Right Now

9.     Shooting Star

10.   Funk

11.   D’yer Maker

Puddle of Mudd has sold over 6 million records worldwide, and had charted 9 top 20 hits.