We're gonna be out and about this week, giving you chances to win free stuff, and that's what life is really all about, isn't it? I kid, I kid. But seriously folks, we have 2 chances for you to hang out and score with 106.9.

This Thursday the 14th, we'll be at Ventura's Tamales at 3907 N. Navarro from 2-3pm. Stop by and grab your Gear Up for Summer location bonus code. It's worth 5,000 All-Access Pass points, and a chance at tickets to Splashway or Hurricane Alley Waterpark. Stop by and hang with Dave Fenix of the Morning Rehab, and score some prizes!

Then this Saturday the 16th, Adam West will be at Complete Nutrition on N. Navarro next to Cherry Berry from 10am-noon. Complete Nutrition will have big savings, and we'll have stuff to give away. Either way, come hang with 106.9 The Rock!