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Come Hang with KLUB Rock 106.9 and Win Free Stuff
We're gonna be out and about this week, giving you chances to win free stuff, and that's what life is really all about, isn't it? I kid, I kid. But seriously folks, join we have 2 chances for you to hang ous on Saturday at Complete Nutrition and score!
P.O.D. Lost In Forever-Official Video
Lost in Forever by P.O.D. is a song we've been getting a lot of requests for lately on KLUB Rock 106.9. It's from the new album Murdered Love, which will be released tomorrow. Someone was telling me that the video was pretty cool, so I thought I'd take a look, and since it has a sci-f…
Congratulations to our Gear Up for Summer Winners
KLUB Rock 106.9  would like to congratulate  Lyn Lesikar for winning the Gear Up for Summer $1000 Showcase! Out of the 6 different prize packages available,  Lyn choose the Bedbutlers showcase worth over $1000 dollars.  Our second place winner is Jessica Franz won, who  a $500 gift card from   V…
Gold On the Ceiling-The Black Keys Official Video
The Black Keys have been getting a lot of positive press lately with the release of their latest album El Camino. We're getting quite a few calls for the song here on KLUB Rock 106.9, so I thought we should check out the official video.
KLUB Rock Congratulates our Gear Up for Summer Winners
We've got us some winners! All month long, All-Access Pass members used their points to enter to win 1 of 6 prize packages in the Gear Up for Summer contest, and after sorting through all the entries, our crack staff has chosen 2 winners at random. Who are they? Keep reading to find out.
What Was That Song We Just Played, Anyway?
That's a question we get asked an awful lot in radio. Sometimes you get the call an hour or 3  after the song was played, all and the caller can give us is "it had a guitar intro" , or "you know, it's the song about the guy and the girl and something else ab…

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