Sobbing Boy Has All-Time Meltdown When Wi-Fi Doesn’t Work
We all feel this kid's pain.
This boy goes into a bawling free-for-all when the internet stops working. According to the YouTube description:
This is how my son reacted when the Holiday Inn Express changed the credentials to the Wi-Fi access, and he wasn't able to log onto YouTube to see Tra…
5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Wifi Speed [VIDEO]
No one likes wasting their time watching a website take forever to load, and the bane of all video streaming is buffering -- but these five tips will help you avoid those hassles and make your ever-increasing dependence on the internet a lot easier.
Weirdest WiFi at SXSW
South By Southwest, or SXSW, the music, film, and interactive conference is happening all this week in Austin, TX. It's full of conferences, music, seminars, and other events. It's also full of a multitude if techies in town for the event. So, how do you deal with a huge need for connectiv…