South By Southwest, or SXSW, the music, film, and interactive conference is happening all this week in Austin, TX. It's full of conferences, music, seminars, and other events. It's also full of a multitude if techies in town for the event. So, how do you deal with a huge need for connectivity, and a large population of homeless people at the same time? You make them Wi-Fi hotspots!



Thanks to a tech marketing company called Bartle Bogle & Hegerty, the city features what is being called Homeless Hotspots.  From the NY Times:

With a project called Homeless Hotspots, a marketing company is helping out with this, while helping the homeless and promoting itself. Homeless people have been enlisted to roam the streets wearing T-shirts that say “I am a 4G hotspot.” Passersby can pay what they wish to get online via the 4G-to-Wi-Fi device that the person is carrying.