Is This Husband’s Car Crash Prank Funny or Cruel?
There are funny pranks and those that are just plain cruel. This one, where a husband convinces his wife that they’re about to be creamed by a semi truck in a head-on collision, is definitely more the latter. Hey, this could be grounds for divorce, buddy.
Wow!! She Cut Off His Frank and Beans!!
It's a long while since we've had a story like this. Lorena Bobbit, this nation turns it's lonely eyes to you. Where have ya gone?

Well now it doesn't matter. There is a new Lorena Bobbit.

Let the jokes come later. Let the observations and comments come later. For now…
Vacation, “Stay-Cation” or “Fakation” ??
Holy crap.  What's the point of vacation, when it only seems to make coming back to work that much harder?  I was gone for one week.  But it seems like I'm shaking off an eternity of rust today, trying to get back into the daily routine...