Catholic Church Creates Exorcism Hotline
Have you ever found yourself battling a demon but couldn't easily locate a priest to help with an exorcism? Well, the Catholic diocese of Milan is here to help with a special exorcism hotline, which will quickly dispatch a priest to deal with the unclean spirit. Finally, an answer to the questi…
Can Religion Help You Lose Weight?
If Weight Watchers isn’t working for you, there’s an alternative, especially if you have strong faith. Pastor Steve Reynolds has developed a weight loss system called Bod4God, a diet and fitness program designed around the Christian faith.
What would Jesus do? He&Close…
Bill Maher vs. “Tebow Nation”
I admit that I'm a Tebow, "The Footballer", fan. Not a Tebow, as Christian Crusader, fan. However, it doesn't bother me at all that he wants to use his celebrity to promote his religious beliefs. Who gives a poot? I just like him because he set the NFL back 60 years or so. H…
End of the World May Be Sooner Than He thought
Well, at least for him. Harold Camping, the old fool that predicted the "Rapture" and the end of the world, sending wackos everywhere into a frenzy less than a month ago, evidently has had a stroke.

Cue the Billy Squier.