10 Jokes About the Rapture
So, the rapture is coming. Again. Yup, Harold Camping — the preacher whose prediction the world would end this past May 21 — now says the apocalypse is set for Friday, October 21.
So, make sure your checkbook is balanced, you’ve turned off all the lights and filled your dog’s bowl with water. But, if…
Apocalypse Preacher Harold Camping Recovering from Stroke
Harold Camping, the preacher who famously predicted the apocalypse would happen in May, has been moved to a nursing home to regain his strength after suffering a stroke on June 9.
Camping, 89, has twice predicted the rapture -- first in 1994 and again this past May 21. To get the word out, he and his…
End of the World May Be Sooner Than He thought
Well, at least for him. Harold Camping, the old fool that predicted the "Rapture" and the end of the world, sending wackos everywhere into a frenzy less than a month ago, evidently has had a stroke.

Cue the Billy Squier.
No Worries, Your Pets Will Be Cared For When The Rapture Comes
Whew, that's a load off of my mind. For the believers, as many as 20 million in this country, "the Rapture", when Jesus Christ will call true Christians up to heaven, is inevitable. The date of May 21st is the specific date for the event, believed by a group in Washington, DC, who has put …