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Weird Political Ad Winners-5 of the Best
The election is over fortunately, and there were some awesomely bad political ads for local candidates around the country. We may not have had very many that stood out as weird here in Victoria, but there were some doozies around the country. Here are some of the strangest.
This Political Campaign is Downright Catty [VIDEO]
Meet Hank the cat. Hank is an actual candidate for U.S. Senate in Virginia, vying for the seat vacated by Sen. Jim Webb. In reality, Hank is a simple 9 yr old Maine coon from Springfield, VA., and he was declared a candidate in October, as an effort by his owners Matthew O' Leary and Anthony Roberts…
Is It Time for a New Santa? [VIDEO]
In a new comedy bit from Funny or Die, the humor website combines the Christmas season with the current political campaigning to pose the question, is it time for a new Santa? Check it out below.