Are You Way Too Proud of Texas? [VIDEO]
We were having an informal discussion at the water cooler the other day about the great state of Texas. Somehow, we ended up remembering those old Bud Light commercials 'Real Men of Genius', one of which fit right in with our conversation...
Gee, I Wonder Who Got Into the Garbage? [VIDEO]
You gotta love it when your dog has done something they weren't supposed to, and they know it. They give you that guilty look that says I'm sorry, you know the look, the one with the shifty eyebrow routine. Stop that right now! Check out this hilariously guilty dog.
The Return of the Amazing Spider Cat [VIDEO]
Cats are pretty agile creatures, able to reach places us normal people can only dream about. Okay, so that's a bit of an exaggeration, but they do manage some pretty cool things sometimes. Take this resourceful feline for example. He manages to climb down from the fridge spidey style.
Your Dog May be Smart, but Can He Do This? [VIDEO]
I like to think our dogs are pretty smart. Who am I kidding, they're dumb as rocks. Our Malamute named Zevon won't even chase a ball. He just looks at you like "what, are you kidding me?" Our 2 Yorkies Bella and Coco will fetch toys, but they won't bring them back to you. Instead, they jus…
There’s Only 2 Kinds of Radio Stations in Texas [VIDEO]
I have traveled through much of this great nation of ours, and among the longest legs of some of my travels were right here in the Lone Star State. It's a huge stretch from El Paso to San Antonio, as you are probably aware. In a long stretch like that, there are always radio dead spots without much …
Church Singing Doesn’t Get ANY Worse Than This!
Trust me, growing up Pentecostal in the The Smoky Mountains of Eastern Tennessee, I got to hear LOTS of gospel singing. LOTS. There was good. There was bad. Just like with any kind of music.

Then there's...this.

I'm not really sure what's going on in this video. I would imemdiat…
15 Signs Improved by Graffiti
This brings to mind one that I wish I would've taken a picture of. A couple of years ago, my wife and I were driving through the Victoria Mall parking lot and noticed a STOP sign that someone had spray painted the words "Hammer Time" underneath the word Stop.



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