Crazy Dog Eats Like A Human [VIDEO]
Have you ever though to yourself, "if only dogs had opposable thumbs, just think what they could do." Oh, you mean like let themselves out, and feed themselves. Well, through some bizarre twist of fate, here's one that does, and he's got pretty good manners, too. Check it…
Love a Good Prank? Check This Out!
These two guys play a great prank in the midst of Black Friday! But why does it feel like in the beginning, they're about to make out? It's great wasting people's time, ain't it?

The "fish poison" part still has me laughing. Watch the vid and you'll understan…
Now, You Can Destroy Your Own House Virtually! [VIDEO]
Have you ever wanted to see your own house destroyed? Well, I haven't either, at least not in reality. But given the chance to see it happen in the virtual world is pretty cool. It's actually an app put out as part of the ad campaign for State Farm Insurance that uses the chaos theme, where a giant …
Mall Fall May Lead To Lawsuit [VIDEO]
If you've been anywhere near a web browser this week, you've probably already seen the security video of a woman walking through a mall while texting. Not paying attention to her surroundings, she tripped and fell into a fountain.