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Kylie Minogue Is She-Ra in Funny or Die’s Gritty Reboot
NBC should just save themselves the trouble and go ahead and make all of the different She-Ra TV shows Funny or Die came up with for this video next season. It's not like the could do much worse than they already are. Plus, this way the ideas are already fleshed out, so they can still go on sum…
Cat Power Sings Songs for Classroom, Melts Down
We really wouldn't expect moody singer/songwriter Cat Power (aka Chan Marshall) to have a sense of humor about her onstage meltdowns. You know, because she's always having meltdowns. But here she is in this Funny or Die video, freaking out on a bunch of second graders for trying to sing al…
Hilarious Bad Lip Reading with Newt Gingrich [VIDEO]
Doublespeak. Rhetoric. Talking points. When politicians speak, it's all pretty much gobbledygook. So, why waste time trying to figure out what they mean, when you can have a good laugh instead? In this video, Newt Gingrich makes more sense than usual.
Is It Time for a New Santa? [VIDEO]
In a new comedy bit from Funny or Die, the humor website combines the Christmas season with the current political campaigning to pose the question, is it time for a new Santa? Check it out below.
Blame Google for Wasting Company Time
If your company wants to come down on you for wasting valuable work time playing on the computer, Google might have had a little something to do with that, at least for a few days earlier this month. More specifically, Google Doodles was the culprit, as the site's home page celebrated Les Paul&…

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