Three of America’s Fattest Cities Are in Texas
They say everything's bigger in Texas, and according to the financial website WalletHub, that includes 3 of the fattest cities in America.
The report says that 70% of Americans are overweight, and when the metrics are compared to reveal the Top 20 Fattest Cities, McAllen, San Antonio and Houston…
Can Being Too Fat Actually Be Healthier Than Being Too Thin?
Much ink has been spilled about studies detailing the health risks associated with being overweight.
And while there is no doubt that severe obesity can lead to a litany of medical problems, a new study suggests that moderately overweight people are still pretty healthy. So, what&CloseCurly…
Who Farted? Nancy Grace Did!!!
If you didn't see the show when it was airing, you'll probably be skeptical of the legitimacy of this video. But this is one of those things that you can't even make up. It's classic TV.

Nancy Grace farted during her post-dance interview.

First a "wardrobe malfunctio…
New Study : Getting Fat is Contagious
If this headline is true, you should only hang out with Maria Shriver & The Olsen Twins. You won't catch it from them. You might catch "Bad Kennedy luck" from Maria or an unnatural attraction to Bob Sagget from the Olsens. But you won't catch fat.

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