The Most Bizarre Video You’ll See Today [VIDEO]
There is weirdness afoot, but then again, that's why the internet was invented. Where else can you see a high dollar sports car pull up, have a bikini-clad model wearing an animal mask step out, and then a guy with a trombone...well, you'll just have to see for yourself.
Women’s Bikini Clad Soccer Team
Wherever there is a legitimate sport, where women are fighting hard to be recognized as competitors, there are hotter women, who are willing to exploit themselves, and overshadow the actual athletes.

But This particular "bikini sporting event" isn't exactly like that. This is an act…
Woman Sues After Suffering Burns from Bikini Top
If you’re thinking of getting a nice tan this summer, consider the tale of Robin Corrente first.
The 50-year-old Yaphank, New York woman is suing a bathing suit manufacturer, claiming she suffered third-degree burns after the underwire in the top portion of her bikini b…