‘Today’ Show Finds Monster 2,000-Pound Crocodile [VIDEO]
Fans of Brutus, the monstrous saltwater crocodile, take heart: He’s real! Ever since a photograph of the 18-foot-long, 2000-lb. crocodile surfaced earlier this week, some have alleged that it may have been a hoax.
So, an intrepid crew from ‘Today’ embarked on a tour of the Adelaide River in Australia…
Did Michael Jackson Give Cocaine to Aaron Carter?
You have to take quotes printed in Australian tabloids with a grain of salt, but nevertheless, OK! magazine is reporting that Aaron Carter has spilled some rather disturbing details about his friendship with Michael Jackson.
In the article, Carter says Jackson offered him wine when he was only 15 -- …
Waterspouts Form Off Australian Coast [VIDEO]
Mother Nature threw Australian residents a curve ball Monday when four waterspouts, well, sprouted off the New South Wales coast.

Cameras caught the stunning - and admittedly scary-looking - event, which occurred just north of Sydney. (A local news station claimed the spouts reached upwards of 600 …
Online ‘Planking’ Craze Leads to Man’s Death
The Internet photo sensation called "planking," which can be best described as extreme lying down, led to a 20-year-old Australian man plunging to his death while partaking in the fad this weekend, police said.
Queensland police said the man fell several stories from a Brisbane high-rise ea…
Van Halen Down Under?
After a 3 year break from playing live, Van Halen may be about to get their stage legs back this fall, at a festival in Australia. That's the word from Soundwave Revolution, where the band is listed as the headliners of the traveling festival.
Dinosaur Scares Australian School Children [VIDEO]
One of the first things a youngster learns about dinosaurs is that they have long been extinct. On a certain level, these Australian school children have internalized that lesson. However, when the life-like prehistoric beast starts to roar in this video (after the jump), some of them no longer see…

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