During a cricket match in Sydney earlier this week, Bob Hawke, Australia’s 82-year old former Prime Minister, casually and quickly obliged a fan’s request that he slam a plastic cup full of beer, effectively claiming the title of World’s Coolest Retired Leader.

We need an American president to do something like this. While there was a time former prez Bill Clinton may have done such a thing – particularly if it was a busty babe who made the request — Bubba’s become a health nut in the wake of serious heart problems. George W. Bush, of course, doesn’t drink leaving only octogenarians Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush to respond to Hawke’s challenge. So, yeah, advantage Australia.

If Carter or Papa Bush do have any impressive adventures with alcohol we will be sure to post them here. For now, watch Hawke open his hatch below.

[via Bro Bible]