OK here’s the deal.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Until the end of the month we will be featuring one pair of Ta Ta’s in an effort to drive awareness and the importance of self-examination, regular check-ups, prevention and hopefully soon a cure for this horrible disease.  So help us raise awareness by submitting your pics to KLUB@Townsquaremedia.com or DaveFenix@Townsquaremedia.com.  A couple of rules:

1.  Must be a headless shot (to preserve anonymity)

2. Ta Ta’s MUST be covered (bikini/bra/low cut shirt/lingerie/hands) NO topless pics please.

3. Pictures WILL BE featured on Facebook and Web Page…just be aware of that.

4, Must be over 18


This isn’t a contest, there are no prizes.  Just promoting awareness so please help us spread the word!

Here are your Ta Ta’s of the Day!